for a better and safer communication

The team of our international department is using all of their experience and works hard to create an environment in that foreign and Japanese partners can smoothly interact.

Translation/ Interpretation/ Interpretor Guides

Our multilingual staff can provide language related services in many languages and fields. We provide translations for example for business, gastronomy, medicine, chemical fibres, culture, religion, etc. Our staff is also experienced in interpreting at events or meetings or taking care of your customers during their stay in Japan - guiding them safely through the country.

Foreign Language Education

We have experienced and certified staff for teaching foreign languages. We provide courses and seminars for companies, private persons, children and more. Next to English we can also provide classes for other languages.

International Human Ressources

We have experience in recruiting international human resources that fit the profile of your company. Our team can also handle the necessary legal procedures for the employment of non-Japanese staff.

Consulting on International Affairs

No matter if you plan on expanding to a foreign country or if you plan on making new business connections overseas, our team will make sure that your project will be successful.

Support of Foreign Residents

Our international team knows what problems foreign residents have to face. Based on this experience we help foreigners who are living in Japan in every matter.

International & National Researches

We have the tools and knowledge to conduct researches about many business fields inside and outside of Japan.



・Translation of Manuals >
・Translation of Receipts
・E-Mail communication with overseas partners<br> Translation of Homepage Contents

Okuda Pearl Trading Co. Ltd

・Transaltion of Product Pamphlets

US Consulate General in Osaka-Kobe

・Interpreting for Consul-General and Familiy at Paul McCartney`s visit to Japan.



・Interpretor Services at the Embassy of the Philippines in Japan
・Operation of English Dial


Honorary Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia Osaka

・Interpretor and guide for Cambodian politician and Thailand`s president`s daughter
(incl. business meeting interpretations, sightseeing, shopping, airport pick-up, etc.)


Kyoto Historica International Film Festival

・Transalation and Guidance for Overseas Guests
(inculding interpretation at film studios, sightseeing guidance, overall support during the festival, airport pick-up, etc.)


MK Group
MK West Japan Group

・Taxi Driver's English Education
(for Customer service, Travel and Transport, Business Conversation, Sightseeing etc.)


Private teachers for Elementary and Junior-High-School students.

Mainly Introducing Native Speakers (International Students) of Target Language. Small lessons and One-to-One lessons near workplace, home or at home. Providing an opportunity to everyone to learn at their own speed about the contents that matter to them.

Honorary Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia Osaka

・Despactching of multilingual staff

Our Team

At JAPF we work in a young and international team. We have members from over five different countries and most of our members speak at least three different languages. This is why we can provide a wide range of services in the global field. Our international network also helps us to maintain a good service quality.

Place of Birth: Germany, Hamburg
Languages: German, English, French, Japanese
Education: Hamburg University, Doshisha University


- Daniela Lemmermann
Manager, International Affairs

Place of Birth: China, Fújiàn Shěng.
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese
Education: Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Kobe University (graduate course)


- Fang Jing
Interpretor/ Translator(Chinese/English), Medical Interpretor

Country: Japan, Aichi
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese
Education: Kobe University for Foreign Languages

- Yurie Mori
Team Leader Internship Department